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Campfire Gatherings




Campfire Gatherings

Have you ever experienced the purifying power of an open fire?

Just watching the dance of the flames after an intense exchange of stories and ideas with a group of like-minded people?

Flames that enter into the innermost core of our being and seem to remind us of our own inner fire that might have been reduced to something almost invisible.

Flames that create an ambience of security and comfort that can open our hearts and losen out tongues.

Flames that awaken memories of ancient times when it was normal to sit around the fire, settle arguments, find solutions, discuss challenges, develop strategies and express appreciation and gratitude.

Flames that might spur our imagination and give birth to new ideas, creativity and inspiration.

Flames that remind us that there is something more.

Flames that can devour and transmute our worries and concerns and clear our vision for the new.

What is your vision?

What puts your soul on fire?




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