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Jun 14 - 18 2023


7:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Adventure Retreat | Nature | Authenticity Circles | Authentic Relating Games | Mindfulness | Silence | Meditation | Alsace | France | 5 days

What we will do

We will spend 5 days full of connection, light-heartedness, ease, adventure and magic in one of the most beautiful camping sites in Alsatian France. A relaxed space where we can decelerate and leave all the stress behind. In the mornings we will meet in the Authenticity Circle on the camping site with the possibility to experience to be fully seen and listened to, dissolve projections and connect to our hidden potential. Furthermore there will be Authentic Relating games, Meditation, Mindfulness exercises and much more. After the activities which might also be in the early afternoon we will visit some stunning places in nature where we will walk in silence for a while to connect further with ourselves and explore the area. Towards the end we will lift the silence and the group can gather to take pictures or exchange about the experience.

Authenticity Circle

In our modern society it is very common practice to communicate and relate in an invasive way without anybody even noticing because it seems so normal. When we are in a hard place and turn to somebody we will mostly be met with imperatives, advice or quotes borrowed from the wise which is mostly not what we really need. What would be really helpful is to be accompanied through our emotions compassionately instead of being offered a solution. To feel seen, heard and accepted and our state and feelings to be witnessed and validated.The Authenticity Circle offers exactly that. A space where we can express ourselves in any way we like without anybody interrupting or commenting. Be it with emotions or personality traits that we have never shown to anybody, a story from our life or a gift or talent we have been shamed or ridiculised for and therefore need a safe space to dig it out again and bring it back to life. For a determined time frame the space is yours. Unsolicited commenting is an absolute no-go and people who violate that guideline during or after or interrupt might run the risk of having to leave the group. After you have finished you can state how you wish to proceed. If you wish for the rest of the group to remain in silence forever. Or share the impact you had on them. Give suggestions or ask questions. You are free to chose.

Authentic Relating Games

Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully facilitated experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection.

Meditation, Silence and Mindfulness

There will be moments of silence, mindfulness and meditation.

Nature Experiences

We will go to a stunning location every day and stay there for at least three hours. Nevertheless we won’t walk more than 7 km since the focus is not on hiking. 


Duration 5 days
Arrival Wednesday 13.06.2023 from 19:00 on the Camping site
Departure Sunday 18.06.2023 at 16:00 from the Camping site
Meeting point Camping site
Target group Adults
Participants max. 16
Event fee 329 euros, Please get in touch if you need to keep track of your finances for a discount!
Accommodation Camping site in tents
Event facilitation        Oliver
Places to visit Rocher Hans, Lac Blanc, Sentier des Roches, Lac du Forlet
Authenticity Circles, Authentic Relating Games, Walks in Silence



  • ● Event Facilitation and Guidance
  • ● Accommodation on a camping site in tents
  • ● Food not included
  • ● Transport not included



I offer seats in my car from Heidelberg and along A5. 45 euros per person.


We will stay at a beautiful camping site and sleep in tents. We will have a meadow for ourselves down in the forest area.

Camping equipment available for rent

Sleeping bag (5 days): 8 euros
Iso mat (5 days): 8 euros
Tent (5 days): 15 euros



Please make sure that you bring your food for the first breakfast and lunch. We will have a moment to stop at a supermarket around midday when we head out to the location in nature. We won’t stop at any restaurant for lunch but will eat and have breaks on the go. At dinnertime you are free to join a visit to a restaurant or eat you own stuff at the camping site.


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Arrival at the camping site from 19.00 o’clock on.

Thursday, June 15 – Saturday June 17, 2023

Start at 9:30 AM in the circle. Please be present with all your attention. No eating! At midday or in the early afternoon we will head out to one of the locations in nature. We won’t walk more than 7 km. Please make sure that you will bring your lunch along. In the evening we can chose to go to a restaurant or eat at the camping site. Everyone is free to chose.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

We will pack our stuff and meet at 9:30 AM in the circle. Please be present with all your attention. No eating! At midday or in the early afternoon we will head out to one of the locations in nature. We won’t walk more than 7 km. Please make sure that you will bring your lunch along. After spending some time out in nature we will head back home.

What to bring

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