Busenberg, Germany
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Mai 20 2023


9:30 am - 6:00 pm



Communicating & Relating differently | Nature | Deceleration | Mindfulness | Periods of Silence | Drachenfels Castle | Palatinate Forest

Theme & Topic

This event was born out of my own suffering and distress by being met with a lack of compassion during my periods of transformation. Many actions we do to assist others are well meant but actually make things worse because they aim at getting us out of certain states instead of going through them which is what brings transformation. The way out is the way in some say.

The way our society relates and communicates as a whole is highly dysfunctional, invasive and degrading but everybody sees it as “normal”. By dysfunctional I mean that everything is set up in a way to keep each other trapped in our conditioning instead of accompanying each other into liberty. We seem to always have solutions at hand, good advice and a wise quote in conversations to prove our worth and polish up our own self-esteem but don’t know how to listen anymore and how to inquire with curiosity instead of wanting to reach results, fix, heal and eventually take each other’s dignity and self-responsibility.The advice and solutions we offer mostly address the level of symptoms and appearances. Rarely the real cause. As soon as we start our journey back home we might get a slap in the face by well meant support. Actually it takes very little doing and a great deal of being in order to change it all. It is so simple yet so difficult. Less doing and more allowing …

What we will do

We will spend a day full of respect, compassion, understanding, mindfulness, deceleration, periods of silence, activities and being with each other. We will share about different approaches regarding how to communicate and relate in a new way and spend the day out in nature and walk only a short distance.Details

Duration 1 days
Arrival Saturday 20.05.2023 at 9:30
Meeting point Will be announced after booking
Target group Adults
Participants max. 16
Event fee 39 euros, Please get in touch if you need to keep track of your finances for a discount!
Event facilitation        Oliver
Places to visit Drachenfels Castle, Buchkammerfels, Schlüsselfels



  • ● Event Facilitation and Guidance
  • ● Food not included
  • ● Transport not included



I offer seats in my car from Heidelberg. 17 euros per person

What to bring:

● Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions. Please make sure that you are dressed warm enough to stay without moving for some time!!!!
● Hiking shoes or boots with soles that provide good traction
● Lunch, snacks and drink!!!!
● Umbrella, just in case
● Iso mat to sit on