Thingstätte Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
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Aug 16 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Compassionate Listening & Sharing Impact | The Magic of feeling seen and heard | Free event



Most of us are not used to really listen anymore. Neither are we used to feel listened to without being interrupted. This is the opportunity to feel fully seen and heard. We will gather at Thingstätte and after sitting together for the instructions we will build groups of two and each group will look for a quiet place with enough distance to the other ones where they feel at ease. The groups will be formed by drawing lots. The two of you will be sitting facing each other so you can comfortably look into each other’s eyes. Not next to each other.

The first person will share their heart or what needs to be said and expressed. The invitation is to speak from the heart and to go one step further than feels comfortable. That’s where the magic happens. But no pressure or expectations. And this is not about proving how cool, funny, tough, smart, successful or in control we are. It is about vulnerability because vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and creativity.

The second person only listens with their whole attention without being distracted, interrupting and commenting and holds a safe space for the other person to feel protected. After 10 minutes the roles are swapped and the person who has listened before will now share their heart for ten minutes. Then they swap again so that each will have 20 minutes to share. This can be extended infinitely but in this occasion we will leave it at that. At the end each one shares the impact of what has been shared. Impact means emotions that came up and sensations in the body when listening to the other one. It is completely forbidden to share thoughts, diagnosis, advice, judgements, observations or solutions.

This might seem very challenging because most of us are not in touch with our body and feelings anymore and rely completely on our mind that has been formed by conditioning. We don’t feel anymore where joy, fear, anger, sadness, grief, helplessness, shame and guilt are located. In our chest? In our belly? In the heart region? Solar plexus?

There is a lot of wisdom in our body and feelings and they are meant to show us the way so that external authorities can become obsolete. Unfortunately they have been polluted and we needed to disconnect from them. Since intellectual intelligence has been glorified and is cherished all that got pretty much lost.

At the end we will get together again to share our experience and then can leave or get together with our partner again if we feel like there have been many things left to say.

Please bring something you can comfortably sit on. Please don’t eat and drink while listening.