Thingstätte Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
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Feb 04 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Deep Connection Walk – Thingstätte

Connecting deeply … and authentically.

The famous quote be Henry David Thoreau says:

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”

Most of us are tired of portraying a certain image of ourselves. Trying to seem strong, invincible, invulnerable, knowledgeable and in control. Of wearing that mask and armour around ourselves to create fake safety and disconnect from life and existence. Of putting on a fake smile to hide the distress, sadness, anger, helplessness and despair underneath.

Of trying to pretend that there isn’t this emptiness and feeling of lack that we all are trying to distract ourselves from. To avoid it. To run from it. To compensate for it. Of filling that insatiable void with money, work, achievements, knowledge, certainty, security, opinions, convictions, academic titles, material goods, recognition, power, relationships, addictions and sex. Of feeling restless, impatient and anxious. Of trying to hold on to something to avoid falling off into the abyss. Fearing death and thus avoiding life.

What about you?

Tired of creating so much suffering just for the sake of turning our back on the truth? This nagging void that just yearns for authentic, real, honest and fulfilling connection on a heart level. Connection that penetrates our whole being. That moves us, nourishes us and touches us deep inside.

That leaves the mental level and connects to the wisdom of feeling, sensing, mystery and opens the door for real seeing.

Doesn’t the mind believe while the heart knows?

Does the word “heart” maybe strike a chord in you?

Is it tenderness or mockery?

Feel free to join us if you fancy what we all are most looking for instead of searching at the wrong place staying trapped in the treadmill.




We will walk from Thingstätte to Stift Neuburg and back to Bismarcksäule. The will and intention alone for deep and authentic connection will open doors for miracle, wonder and magic and attract just the right people.

Event focus:

The main focus of my events is on creating a space where our minds and nervous systems can calm down. A space of connection where we can experience a sense of belonging. Only then can our true nature show itself. And only then can we connect to our own inner guidance like intuition, gut feeling, inspiration and heart wisdom. The mind believes but the heart knows. Degree and intensity of the activities will vary depending on the event.


Event Location:

Thingstätte, Stift Neuburg, Bismarcksäule

    • Duration:                     1 day
    • Meeting Point:            Will be announced after booking
    • Target Group:             Adults
    • Participants:               max. 16
    • Event Fee:                  Free
    • Event Facilitation:      Oliver


  • ● Event Facilitation and Guidance



Videos Thingstätte:


Distance: 10 km
Ascent: 260 m
Descent:  490 m
Minimum Height: 150 m
Maximum Height: 430 m



What to bring:

● Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions. Please make sure that you are dressed warm enough to stay without moving for some time!!!!
● Hiking shoes or boots with soles that provide good traction
● Lunch, snacks and drink!!!!
● Umbrella, just in case
● Iso mat to sit on