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Jul 23 - 25 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm



Step into the Flow | 4 Lakes Tour | Alsace | France | 3 Days

From Juli on in France it will be allowed to gather with groups of up to 10 people. From the Palatinate Forest France can be entered without control or a PCR test.

This is not just a simple hike and not exactly a workshop either.

Characteristic is that there will be dedicated guided spaces every morning for creating connection with the other participants.

And the whole event will be for exchange and sharing.

And yes, we will walk.

Step into the flow events are designed to reconnect with the feeling of flow, light-heartedness and ease in these troubled times.

Many people are living in fear about their future due to the present situation. There might be a thousand different triggers for it.

Others might be really fed up.

Yet others might feel the urge to act.

Experiencing a day full of light-heartedness and ease in a safe, welcoming and nourishing group where we can be just who we are and our words and feelings are witnessed and honoured together with what is alive in us in the very moment can help us reconnect with our own intuition and bring inspiration and with it solutions and a different perspective and attitude.

The two most healing words are probably “me too” when other people tell us that they know what we are going through, that they are or have been at a similar point and confirm that nothing is wrong with us. That we are ok the way we are without belittling comforting, advising “away” our present state because it feels uncomfortable and difficult to bare. When we are met with understanding, curiosity and empathy.

Join us and let’s “Step into the flow”.


Video from the same tour and camping site:


Friday July 16:

Start at Heidelberg Station between 16:00 and 19:00.

Arrival at Camping Lefebure. Putting up the tents. Be aware that we might need to put up the tents in the dark. So bring a flashlight or headlight. This is part of the adventure and great fun.

Saturday July 17:

8:00: Meeting in the circle to get to know each other. Please have breakfast before and don’t eat in the circle. Before starting the tour we can have a stop in the village and go to the supermarket, have a coffee and go to the bakery.

Around 11:00: Start at Lac Blanc


Lac Blanc
Lac Noir
Rock Path to Kraywasen D’En Haut
Lac du Forlet
Lac Vert
Panorama Route
View over Lac Noir
View over Lac du Forlet and the Rhine Valley
Soultzeren Eck
Gazon du Faing
Lac Blanc

Usually after the tour we go to have a pizza at the local restaurant.

Distance: 16 km
Ascent: 600 m
Descent: 600 m
Minimum elevation: 1300 m
Maximum elevation: 970 m

Sunday July 18:

Pack our stuff and have a stroll in the Medieval villages Kaysersberg and Riquewihr.
Back home

Event fee: 130 euros


2 nights at the camping site
event guidance and facilitation

Camping equipment available for rent: 4 people tent, isomat, sleeping bag for 30 euros for the whole weekend.

I offer seats in my car from Heidelberg, Karlsruhe or any stop along A5. 21 euros per person. If you are interested please get in touch: +491624533588.

Meeting point:

Will be communicated after booking.

What to bring:

The camping bucket list: