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Mai 14 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Compassion & Honesty Process – Heidelberg – Japanese Arboretum – Free event

“A guided group procedure that takes us into a magical world where things can happen that don’t usually happen in waking consciousness. What is hidden is uncovered and what has been blocking us is integrated and gives us new strength, clarity and focus. New energy is released to walk our very own path and leave the beaten track, discover our true nature and have the courage to be ourselves.”


What we will do and what will happen

There is a phrase in the bible that says:

“The truth will set you free!”

Although it was probably meant differently I can’t agree more. The truth sets us free if we honestly and self-responsibly share the only truth we really have access to. The truth that is completely our own. Our feelings and emotions. They give us hints and direction and respond to a fulfilled need or a need that hasn’t been fulfilled. Through anger, sadness, joy, shame, guilt, fear and helplessness.

“The Compassion & Honesty Process” is about telling the truth regarding how we feel and about what comes up in relation with the other participants. Do we feel comfortable in the group? Does it feel threatening? Challenging? Do we have judgements and beliefs about the other participant’s attitude towards us? Do we feel inhibited? Blocked? Ashamed? Do we feel expectations weighing on us? Do we have the courage to speak up? Or do we want to hide and disappear?

We can express all that and also check our assumptions with the other ones and participate in a process that dissolves our projections. Projection means the movie in our mind that creates an overly on reality and that assumes a lot about the other one’s attitude towards us. Which is mostly mistaken.

The way we keep our traumas alive is by constantly superposing or projecting our mostly mistaken perception of danger on top of reality thus keeping our nervous system in constant arousal.

And honesty and vulnerability is the way out because when light is shed on theses structures  and are met with humility, curiosity and compassion they lose their power.

Do you have the courage?


If you have already experienced …

  • ● Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton
  • ● Circling by Guy Sengstock
  • ● Authentic Relating by Jason Digges and others …
  • ● Honest Sharing and Floating by Gopal Norbert Klein
  • ● Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg
  • ● Compassionate Inquiry by Dr. Gabor Maté


you know what I am talking about.

“The Compassion & Honesty Process” is a mix of all these disciplines and takes the best of all of them.

In case of bad weather

The event will be online in case of bad weather. I will share a link to zoom in that case.

Event Fee


Participant Number


Meeting Point

We will meet out in the forest in Heidelberg. The specific location will be announced after booking.


Approximately 2,5 hours


I can take 6 people along in my car for free from Heidelberg main station.

What to bring

  • ● A iso mat or blanket to sit on. We will sit on the forest floor.
  • ● Good clothing. At the end of April weather can still get quite chilly