Zusammen ist besser.

“Tue nichts, was nicht Spiel ist!”


Zusammen ist besser.

“Tue nichts, was nicht Spiel ist!”

Laß uns die Natur erkunden. Abenteuer erleben. Bei uns selbst ankommen. Uns verbunden fühlen. Glücklich sein.

Gute Stimmung & Vergnügen

Wir teilen positive Energie

Dazu sind wir da!

Offenheit & Verspieltheit

Jeder hat eine in

teressante Geschichte zu erzählen:

Sei neugierig!

Offenheit & Verspieltheit

Jeder hat eine interessante Geschichte zu erzählen:

Sei neugierig!

Liebe, Freundlichkeit & Respekt

Was du gibst, das kommt auch zurück:

Sei großzügig!

Liebe, Freundlichkeit & Respekt

Was du gibst, das kommt auch zurück:

Sei großzügig!

Gruppenaktivitäten, Abenteuer, Erlebnisse & Workshops

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Mehrtägige Trips

Going abroad! Hooray ...

Destinations so far have been in the German Alps in Garmisch Partenkirchen up to Zugspitze. Berchtesgaden for a boat tour on Königsee and up to Jenner.

In Italy to Le Odle di Funes in the Dolomites and Cinque Terre in Liguria.

Matterhorn and the Valley of 72 waterfalls in Switzerland.

Alsace in France for the 4 lakes tour on one of the most beautiful camping sites.

And last but not least 12 days in Iceland for the legendary Laugavegur Trail.

Trips range from 3 to 12 days.

Step into the Flow

Hiking, Flow & Connection

Do you love roaming through stunning landscapes, feeling in the flow by being inspired by the wonders of nature, passing by waterfalls, rivers and natural beauty in company of like-minded, easy-going people from all over the planet while feeling welcome just the way you are?

This is the most basic of our experiences with a minimum amount of activities to create connection. An ideal environment to practice the skills acquired in the workshops and to inspire and infect the new participant.

Insight Quest

Meditative & Mindful

Are you in for finding answers or a maybe just need some kind of inspiration? Would you like to spend a day with like-minded people and surrender the solution to nature’s wisdom or maybe the group spirit?

Join us for a day with numerous activities and possibilities for answers to manifest while passing through amazing landscapes and sharing with terrific people.

The Consciousness Adventure

A Nature Workshop

Have you ever asked yourself where happiness resides? Why we are all looking for security, wealth and power? Why we are so driven and it is never enough? Why we are so restless?

This is a series of workshops in order to reconnect with our innate, natural curiosity, playfulness and Explorer Spirit. Also the questions: Who am I? What am I? Talks, meditations, self-enquiry, self-abidance and many more activities full of connection, light-heartedness, ease, adventure & magic.

Creating Human Connection

A Nature Resilience Workshop

Are you asking yourself why you like to be around some people and don’t like to be around other ones? Why some people pull you down and others lift you up?

How to say please, thank you and no in a way that creates and maintains connection? How to show appreciation and give feedback in a constructive way? How to empower others?

A workshop at an amazing spot in the Black Forest about humility, empathy and compassion in action. A 10 km hike with stops, talks, activities, scenic landscapes, 10 km hike full of connection, light-heartedness, ease, adventure & magic.

A Discovery Journey

A Nature Workshop

More information coming soon!


Community & Connection

A welcoming atmosphere where hearts can open and tongues can losen. It is very difficult to have superficial conversations around the campfire. It could also be called a “night of storytelling” since the inspiring narratives bubbling up are legendary.

Wilderness Skills

A Nature Workshop

Have you ever asked yourself how to light a fire in the wild without a match or a lighter?

Or maybe how to navigate? With a compass, with a GPS or even without anything?

Or how to build a basic shelter out of branches, twigs and leaves that protects us from rain and cold?

Or maybe how to build nature connection?

These workshops are the answer.

More information coming soon …

Canoe Adventures

Jungle River Fun

 A unique experience that takes us into a different world. You wouldn’t imagine how different everything seems from a canoe on a narrow river. Tree canopies and branch overhangs that sometimes seem like a tunnel and lush forests on both sides that seem to protect us from the real world. 

Eligible rivers are Kocher, Tauber, Enz, Nagold and many more.



Wir alle haben unbekannte Gaben:

Zeige sie auf, ermutige, inspiriere & gib


Demut, Empathie & Mitgefühl

Wir sind nur Experten für uns selbst:

Erkenne Bedürfnisse anstatt gute Ratschläge

zu geben!

Unbeschwertheit & Leichtigkeit

Schaffe Verbundenheit!

Indem du alle vorherigen Anregungen