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Trippstadt, Germany
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Mar 26 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Parents & Kids Walk | Karstal Gorge | Palatinate Forest

Theme & Topic

How to accompany our children to become emotionally strong and emotionally intelligent and sovereign adults?

This event is inspired by the documentary: “Tell my story.” It is about an American dad who sets out to find answers about why so many kids in the US commit suicide because his 14 year old son killed himself. Ryan, the son sent a personal message to all the family members before he took his life.

  • This was the message to his dad:
  • “You were the best dad I could have imagined. You were more of a friend than a dad. All my friends wanted a dad like you. Don’t blame yourself. It is not your fault. You couldn’t have changed anything.”

The dad doesn’t believe it. And his findings are devastating.

Depression and burn-out are on the rise. Why do people work themselves into exhaustion? What is the motivation? Why do we define our self-worth through achievement? Do we have our own agenda with our kids instead of letting nature unfold effortlessly? Why do we pass on the same conditionings from generation to generation?

I would be pleased share the documentary with you if you get in touch with me via private message or whatsapp: +491624533588

What we will do

We will meet at the parking lot of the Karlstal Gorge in the Palatinate Forest near Trippstadt and stroll down the gorge. It is one kilometer long. We can keep on walking for some time longer on relatively even terrain and then turn around if it gets to heavy on the kids (or parents). Then we will go up to a spot in the forest where we can sit down and dive into our exchange with the topic.


Duration 1 day
Meeting point Will be announced after booking
Target group Adults & kids
Participants max. 12 couples of parents
Event fee If you enjoyed this event or even had a life-changing experience and took some value from it and would like to support my mission donations are welcome.
Event facilitation    Oliver
Places to visit Karlstal Gorge


  • ● Event Facilitation and Guidance


I offer seats in my car from Heidelberg or along A5. 19 euros per person.

Videos teaser “Tell my story”:

Videos Karlstal Gorge:

What to bring

  • ● Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions. Please make sure that you are dressed warm enough to stay without moving for some time!!!!
  • ● Hiking shoes or boots with soles that provide good traction
  • ● Lunch, snacks and drink!!!!
  • ● Umbrella, just in case
  • ● Iso mat to sit on