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Apr 24 2024


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Compassion & Honesty Process – Heidelberg – Japanese Arboretum – Free event

“A magical group process where we create a safe space full of connection, trust and a sense of belonging. We will learn to communicate and relate differently and meet each other with Humility, Curiosity and Compassion. We agree to be honest and vulnerable when and share if something gets emotionally demanding. And like that discover our most precious treasures.”


What do you believe?

Do you also believe that most of the suffering, misery, war and conflicts on our planet are due to the fact that almost all of us have disconnected from their true nature and inner guidance? Would you also like to reconnect and start making clear decisions from a deeper knowing and stop listening to external authorities? From a place where there is no doubt or hesitance?

What we will do and what will happen

Have you ever experienced being fully seen and heard? What it feels like to be really connected and attuned? Where you can talk and get the full attention of the other participants without being interrupted? Where we tell the truth and meet each other with humility, curiosity and compassion?  Where you can express yourself in a safe space and everybody can share the impact you have had on them while judgements, thoughts and advice about you and what you said are tabu? Where you can check your assumptions about the other one’s supposed negative judgements towards you and find out that they weren’t true? Where we clear the path to reconnect with our true nature and inner guidance?


If you have already experienced …

  • ● Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton
  • ● Circling by Guy Sengstock
  • ● Authentic Relating by Jason Digges and others …
  • ● Honest Sharing and Floating by Gopal Norbert Klein
  • ● Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg
  • ● Compassionate Inquiry by Dr. Gabor Maté


you know what I am talking about.

“The Compassion & Honesty Process” is a mix of all these disciplines and takes the best of all of them.

In case of bad weather

The event will be online in case of bad weather. I will share a link to zoom in that case.

Event Fee


Participant Number


Meeting Point

We will meet out in the forest in Heidelberg. The specific location will be announced after booking.


Approximately 2,5 hours


I can take 6 people along in my car for free from Heidelberg main station.

What to bring

  • ● A iso mat or blanket to sit on. We will sit on the forest floor.
  • ● Good clothing. At the end of April weather can still get quite chilly