Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Germany
Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Germany
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Apr 16 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Waking the Tiger | The Power of Aggression | A Nature Adventure | Elendsklamm | Palatinate Forest

The Power of Aggression

Aggression is the force that drives life and change. It is the antidote to depression, fear, anxiety and shame. It gives us clarity and focus on our own path and the courage to follow it. It gives us the power to be authentic and leave the beaten track. It gives us the strength to set boundaries and to leave other people’s and society’s expectations where they belong. It is the energy we need to free ourselves from holding a grudge and resentment and therefore feeling powerless.

It is not the source for violence by itself. Anger, rage, hate and resentment are. Anger, rage, hate and resentment are unexpressed AGGRESSION that have turned toxic. Expressing AGGRESSION doesn’t mean to hurt anybody. Neither verbally nor physically.It gives us determination to meet ourselves, see the truth and go through our deepest pain and turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly. It is pure life energy, aliveness and transformative power. It makes us give less energy to opinions and convictions and trust and follow our heart, a deeper calling and our intuition and inspiration.In order to free our AGGRESSION we need to let go of our anger, rage, hate, grudge and resentment by expressing it with all the emotions necessary while it is witnessed, heard, seen, acknowledged and honored. AGRESSION turned into anger, rage, hate, resentment and grudge in the first place because it was not welcome, seen, heard, acknowledged and honoured in our early years. Unfortunately most of us have suppressed our AGGRESSION or got stuck in its toxic versions.

Who or what kind of people or situations make you go mad by rage or make you freeze or collapse? Would you like to have a face to face with it and get to the core?


Duration 1 day
Meeting point Will be announced after booking
Target group Adults
Participants 16
Event fee If you enjoyed this event or even had a life-changing experience and took some value from it and would like to support my mission donations are welcome.
Event facilitation Oliver
Places to visit Elendsklamm


I offer seats in my car. 19 euros per person.

What we will do

We will meet at the parking lot and walk for about 30 minutes to the place in the forest where we will stay for most of the time. We will do activities and practices to reconnect with our AGGRESSION and to discover the root cause that might have made it toxic.


Video about the location

Video about the Power of Aggression

What to bring

  • ● Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions. Please make sure that you are dressed warm enough to stay without moving for some time!!!!
  • ● Hiking shoes or boots with soles that provide good traction
  • ● Lunch, snacks and drink!!!!
  • ● Umbrella, just in case
  • ● Iso mat to sit on
Sold out!