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“I create spaces for connection.”

“Never will I forget one of the most beautiful and impressive days of my childhood. I convinced one of my friends to escape to a lake in one of the neighbouring villages without the consent of our parents. Never would they have allowed such a dangerous enterprise. We had to cross a forest and some really busy main roads.
And never will I forget the taste of freedom and adventure we felt venturing out into the unknown in order to explore the new and challenge the old. An experience that probably set the future course of my life.
Shortly after I decided to repeat the tour inviting all my friends. Many agreed but only one showed up. The disappointment was devastating. Nevertheless that day also turned into an unforgettable adventure.
For the two of us. We felt so alive, vibrant with life and completely free.

And regret for the other ones who missed out on this amazing experience.
What I learned was to listen to my heart and that others will eventually follow.”

I dream about a world where we communicate and relate differently. A world where we accompany each other through our feelings and pain instead of fixing each other with advice, solutions and diagnosis by being smart instead of being curious and vulnerable.

I dream about a world where we communicate and relate on an eye level and connect on our heart level. A world where we see and listen to each other with compassion.

A world where we are in touch with our body and feelings and reconnect to our true nature and inner guidance to follow our own authority instead of looking for external guidance in politicians, doctors, professors and so called experts who might be guided by their minds and ego and not by their HEARTS and TRUTH.

A world where we have the strength to be honest, vulnerable and authentic with the willingness to see what is not true to be able to serve the TRUTH.

A world full of self-responsibility where we keep our power with ourselves without pointing at others and giving it to them.

A world where we speak from a deep inner connection and act in accordance to that.

I love to see people reconnect to themselves
and their inner guidance, leave the beaten track and
walk their own path with dignity, sovereignty and
that new sparkle and aliveness in their eyes.

That’s what makes me get up in the morning and my life worth living!

Credentials coming soon.

But aren’t credentials for the mind? Didn’t we want to practice seeing with the heart?


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