Let’s get in Touch with our true Nature. Feel Connected. Experience Adventure. Be Happy.

Inspiring & Transformative

Liberating & Alleviating

Open, Creative & Playful

Insightful & Conclusive

Observant , Courageous & Mindful

What else would you like?

“Don’t do anything that isn’t Play!”

Joseph Campbell

Regaining our innate natural Curiosity, Playfulness and Explorer Spirit


Do you also do things “in order to”

  • achieve?
  • be liked?
  • be appreciated?
  • be accepted?
  • belong?
  • manipulate others to behave so that you feel good?

Not so long ago something happened.

Something that was meant to change my life profoundly.

One morning I woke up absolutely happy and completely resting within myself. There were very few thoughts and I felt completely fulfilled from within myself for no apparent reason.

As the day went on and also this “seeing” continued I realised that my true nature was manifesting itself. To say that it was manifesting itself to “me” would not be completely accurate.

I realised that our true nature is something we will never find but also won’t be able to get rid of. Because it is no thing. Nothing that can be found if we are actively looking for it.

Some of that perfume stayed with me and my obsession for success and drive to achieve dropped considerably since then.

Sometimes this effortless presence seemingly in the back of my head but nevertheless all encompassing knocks on my door when I fall back into being less than I already am by doing “in order to” or trying “becoming something” or “somebody”.

Nevertheless I realised that I still kept myself occupied all the time just with less striving.

And I realised that I somehow needed to face the discomfort that bothered me when I wasn’t engaged in any activity or distracting myself. And so I did.

And I also understood that the only way to be authentic is to play because the purpose of play is completely dedicated to our own enjoyment and fulfilment and doesn’t serve a purpose but might be really effortlessly purposeful.

I would like to invite you to join me on that Adventure to face our discomfort in a day full of talks, activities, practices, exercises, light-heartedness, ease, adventure & magic. 

The topic and activities of each individual event can be seen on the event pages further down.




What to expect?

  • Activities to create connectedness among participants
  • Exchange with like-minded people
  • Meditation
  • Nature Coaching
  • Self Enquiry
  • Self Abidance
  • Walking Selfwards
  • Self Experience
  • Self Discovery
  • Interactive talks about Non-Duality & Advaita Vedanta
  • About 10 km of Hiking with several stops for the activities
  • Light-Heartedness
  • Ease
  • Adventure
  • Magic

What to bring?

  • A smile
  • Sporty outfit adjusted to weather conditions (umbrella and / or rain coat if weather is unstable)
  • Hiking boots or shoes with good traction for longer distances
  • Backpack
  • An iso mat to sit on. Important!!!
  • Food and drink for the duration of the event

Event Fee

99 Euros

Possible benefits of participating

  • Augmented connection with ourselves
  • More knowledge about our True Nature
  • Tools to question our Thoughts and Feelings
  • Tools for Self Regulation
  • Tools for connecting with our Inner Peace
  • Inspiration through exchange with the other participants
  • A different perspective on life

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