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Zwingenberg Baden
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Abr 02 2023


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Honest Sharing | A Nature Adventure | Wolfsschlucht | Margarethenschlucht | Odenwald | 12 km



  • Honest Sharing is not what it sounds like. It is not about honestly sharing stories of the past.
  • It is a communication technique brought into the world by Gopal Norbert Klein that connects us with our body, with our feelings and with our emotions.


  • We only talk about what is happening inside us in real time on the physical, emotional and mental level following some guidelines that bypass the ego.
  • This structure leads to disidentification with what we are expressing which makes it a perfect tool for solving conflict because anything can be said without sounding threatening to the listener as long as we stick to the give structure.


  • The benefit of this technique is that it creates a lot of connection among the participants because everybody feels seen, heard and acknowledged and has all the attention without being interrupted. Furthermore it gives space for emotions to surface and be integrated and make a corrective experience.




About 1 km from the starting point we will do the activities. After that we will walk up the Wolf’s Gorge and then cross over to Margarethenschlucht from where we will head back home. Starting point will be in Zwingenberg (Baden). End point will be Neckargerach station.





    • Duration:                     1 day
    • Meeting Point:           Will be announced after booking
    • Target Group:             Adults
    • Participants:               max. 16
    • Event Fee:                   If you enjoyed this event, had a good time and took some value from it and would like to support my mission donations are welcome.
    • Event Facilitation:     Oliver
    • Places to visit:           Wolfsschlucht, Margarethenschlucht




  • ● Event Facilitation and Guidance


I offer seats in my car from Heidelberg. 8 euros per person.




Video Wolf’s Gorge:


Video Margarethenschlucht:




What to bring:
  • ● Sporty outfit, adjusted to weather conditions. Please make sure that you are dressed warm enough to stay without moving for some time!!!!
  • ● Hiking shoes or boots with soles that provide good traction
  • ● Lunch, snacks and drink!!!!
  • ● Umbrella, just in case
  • ● Iso mat to sit on