Reconnect to your Intuition, Inspiration, Gut Feeling & Body Wisdom. Experience Adventure. Be happy.

Radical Authenticity

What does it feel like

to talk from the heart

and feel connected?

What does it feel like

to talk from the heart and

feel connected?

What if your conditionings dissolved if you

authentically expressed your feelings

and what was going on inside

yourself without hiding it?

Self-Discovery Trips, Plant Medicine, Power Spots,

Nature, Rituals, Workshops

& Magic

Self-Discovery Trips, Plant Medicine, Power Spots,

Nature, Rituals, Workshops

& Magic

What if we touched each other’s Hearts by being

real, authentic and vulnerable and speaking and

acting from a Deep Inner Connection?

A Sacred Ritual Space with Plant Medicine

Ceremonial Cacao & Amanita Muscaria included on many events!

Ceremonial Cacao

For Heart-Opening, Connection, Courage and feeling unconditionally loved!


Picture by

Amanita Muscaria

For reconnecting our neural networks and reducing depression, fear, fight, flight and freeze by 25 times!

Magic Truffles, Holland

For accessing the unconscious and a different world!


Is there a yearning for a safe space where you can be authentic, open and vulnerable?

Are you longing for feeling seen and heard?

Has nothing you have done and achieved so far brought you the long term fulfillment you were looking for?

Welcome back home!

The Spirit of the events

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What participants say

Activities, Adventures, Experiences & Workshops

Self-Experience Trips

Nature Experiences & more


Our group experiences range from Workshops about Human Connection, Wilderness Skills to campfires, canoe tours, day Trips, multiple day Trips with very diverse topics.

What they all have in common is the invitation to communicate and relate completely differently than what we are used to.

We will specify this at the beginning of all evnts.

You can find the topics and detailed descriptions in the respective event adds.

Inner ReConnection

Reconnecting to Source

Why is it important to discover the source, our innermost core or our true nature?

It is the beginning of the end of suffering.  It is what we have been looking for during all our life. Unfortunately we have been seeking in the wrong places. In money, wealth, status, relationships, material goods, beautiful remote places, recognition and success.

In an individual session we will together immerse into a different world.

Nature Coaching

Guided by Nature's Wisdom


Have you ever experienced the magic of surrendering to nature’s wisdom? She may answer your most urgent question in the most unexpected and miraculous way. Pure magic. The right insight at the right moment.

We will spend 3 hours in a natural setting while you will follow your impulses that will lead you to the right spot. And I will be there to support, mirror, remind, uplift & guide.

Upcoming Self-Experience Trips

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My name is Oliver Farago and I am your host.

“I create spaces for connection.”

Multicultural. Nature Coach. Wilderness Mentor. Natur, Mindfulness & Resilience Trainer. TNDR Therapist. Videographer. Photographer & Nature Fanatic.