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Have you ever asked yourself what is amiss with our society and  humanity?Why there is so much conflict, suffering and unhappiness?I have found that there are two reasons for that.First: That we have forgotten who or what we are.Second: That we are not in touch with our feelings and don’t know about the importance of feeling.People who feel and express their feelings have a reputation of being weak. On the contrary. Who could be stronger than someone who has the courage to do something that is condemned by almost everyone and frowned about?All our modern society is build in a way to avoid feeling and to distract each other from feeling and our feelings.Like that we are looking for a substitute and are willing consumers. All our industry is built around trying to satisfy our feelings of lack due to not knowing who or what we are and our need to keep our feelings at bay.On our EXPERIENCES we encourage all participants to be curious and inquisitive about the other people’s feelings without  wanting to change them, heal them or fix them. A setting where we can be with what is alive in us.We let nature take its course when feelings are welcomed and not messed with.And we might discover that there is and has never been anything that could been and needed to be fixed once emotions and feelings can flow freely.The “STEP INTO THE FLOW” events are an invitation to do just that and are open for everyone. There won’t be many guided activities and we will flow freely.All other events will be more specific and specialised and can be understood from the event descriptions.

All upcoming Experiences

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