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“I create spaces for connection.”

“Never will I forget one of the most beautiful and impressive days of my childhood. I convinced one of my friends to escape to a lake in one of the neighbouring villages without the consent of our parents. Never would they have allowed such a dangerous enterprise. We had to cross a forest and some really busy main roads.
And never will I forget the taste of freedom and adventure we felt venturing out into the unknown in order to explore the new and challenge the old. An experience that probably set the future course of my life.
Shortly after I decided to repeat the tour inviting all my friends. Many agreed but only one showed up. The disappointment was devastating. Nevertheless that day also turned into an unforgettable adventure.
For the two of us. We felt so alive, vibrant with life and completely free.

And regret for the other ones who missed out on this amazing experience.
What I learned was to listen to my heart and that others will eventually follow.”

My biggest motivation is to offer what I most lacked during almost all of my life.

A welcoming home full of connection, togetherness, belonging, light-heartedness and ease where we can be present with what is alive in us. A space where our emotions are welcome and we are encouraged to stay with them, face them, go through them and emerge on the other side newly born and free as the phoenix that rose from the ashes. A space where we relate as equals on eye-level.  A space which might be healing by itself.

I consider myself a lover of truth and wisdom but due to my upbringing I don’t like the official word for that.

What opens my heart is to see people who have the courage to express and show their feelings.

I believe that real strength is “daring greatly” to be vulnerable instead of faking a role of being tough, invulnerable, invincible and untouchable on the expenses of authenticity and connection.

What I feel most touched by is to see a group of strangers arrive in the morning and leave as friends with that new sparkle in their eyes and much more in touch with themselves. And to see them say good-bye with a hug.

A Great Reward and Worthy Effort

Credentials coming soon.

But aren’t credentials for the mind? Didn’t we want to practice seeing with the heart?


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