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Madeira, Portugal
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Oct 28 2023 - Nov 05 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



Together in Connection | A Nature Experience | Madeira | Portugal | 9 days

Theme & Topic

What we all are most longing for is connection. But how do we go about creating real connection? How do we relate and communicate to bring out the best in the people we are with? How can we support each other to access and liberate our whole potential? The spirit of these questions will be with us during the whole trip to be explored.

What we will do

We will spend 9 days full of Connection, Light-heartedness, Ease, Adventure and Magic in the heavenly Island of Madeira in Portugal. We will do some pretty tough nature challenges to Pico do Arriero, Pico Ruivo and Pico Grande which are of the most spectacular in the whole of Europe and also visit the most important sights on the Island.  In the mornings we will do activities to create even more trust and connection in the group in order to turn this into an unforgettable experience. There will be invitations about how to give life to a new spirit of togetherness. We will meet for activities on some of the evenings after dinner.


It is always better to bring some food just in case that there is no time to stop at a supermarket. We might spontaneously decide if we want to have dinner in a restaurant or at the camping site. For the day trips it is better to take our food along or buy it in the supermarket. Unfortunately we get going pretty early in the morning to avoid crowds so it will be better to prepare the evening before.



There are two options. To stay on a camping site in the middle of nature at an altitude of 1300 m. There are toilets and only cold showers. The event fee would be 360 euros in that case. There will be no mixed choice. We will all stay at the same place.

The second option would be to stay in a 10 bed room in a hostel in the outskirts of Funchal. All the facilities, kitchen and public areas in the hostel can be used. The event fee would be 599 euros in that case.


Please be aware that on the camping site it can refresh considerably at nighttime. So please make sure that you are prepared with a decent sleeping bag and additional clothing that you can put on for the night.

Rental cars

We will rent cars and share the cost and fuel among all participants. Rental cars are pretty affordable on Madeira and the cheapest offer I have found was 27 euros per day. We will drive 777 km with the planned program if you’d like to calculate fuel cost. We will be 4 people in each car to make sure that all our luggage fits in.


We will meet one or more times personally or online (Zoom) to discuss the details and to exchange our experience. All questions can be asked.

Modification of the itinerary, schedule and plan

If we all agree we can do modifications to the planned places to visit, schedule and plans it seems too much, too stressful or maybe even too little for some of us. In spite of the above indicated program the daily activities will be decided spontaneously. Depending on weather conditions we might shift activities and do any of the other planned tours.


Duration 9 days
Arrival Saturday 26.10.2023 at Funchal airport
Departure Sunday 05.11.2023 from Funchal airport
Meeting point Funchal airport
Target group Adults
Participants Max. 16
Event fee 360 or 599 euros, Please get in touch if you need to keep track of your finances for a discount!
Accommodation To be determined …
Event facilitation        Oliver
Places to visit a lot
Activities Nature Experience, activities to create connection, compassionate listening



  • ● Event Facilitation and Guidance
  • ● Accommodation on a camping site in tents
  • ● Food not included
  • ● Flight not included
  • ● Rental car and fuel not included



Saturday, October 28, 2023

We will meet at the airport, get our rental cars and to the place where we are lodged. In case of different arrival times we will find a different solution.  After everybody has arrived we will gather to get to know each other and to share important information.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Levada do 25 Fontes, Levada do Alecrim, Risco Waterfall, Lagoa do Vento
  1. 1. 6:20 – 6:50: Breakfast if you like
  2. 2. 6:50: Group actiivity
  3. 2. Nature Experience (Levada do 25 fontes …)
  4. 3. Dinner
  5. 5. Wrapping it up together…


Distance: 11,4 km
Ascent: 480 m
Descent: 480 m
Minimum Height: 1000 m
Maximum Height: 1320 m


Monday, October 30, 2023

Sunrise at Pico do Arriero and tour to Pico Ruivo
  1. 1. 5:30: Start to Pico do Arriero to see the sunrise
  2. 2. Nature Experience (Pico do Arriero to Pico Ruivo)
  3. 4. Dinner
  4. 5. Wrapping it up together …
Distance: 11,2 km
Ascent: 1020 m
Descent: 1030 m
Minimum Height: 1540 m
Maximum Height: 1830 m


Video Pico do Arriero to Pico Ruivo

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Visit to a lot of sights like Fanal Forest – Porto Moniz and many more ….
  1. 1. 6:30: Morning activities
  2. 2. Fanal Laurel Forest
  3. 3. Porto Moniz (natural lava swimming pools)
  4. 4. Praia da Ribeira da Janela (beach with rock formations)
  5. 5.Seixal village (best beach and rocks)
  6. 6. Véu da Noiva viewpoint (waterfall into the sea) 
  7. 7. Miradouro Água d‘Alto (viewpoint)
  8. 8. São Vicente (beautiful village with church up on a hill)
  9. 9. Miradouro Lombo do Mouro (viewpoint)
  10. 10. Miradouro Bica da Cana (viewpoint)
  11. 11. Dinner
  12. 12. Wrapping it up together …


We won’t walk considerable distances to recover from the strenuous day before!

Video Fanal Forest

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Levada do Caldeirão Verde
  1. 1. 6:00 Morning activities
  2. 3. Nature Experience (Levada do Caldeirão Verde)
  3. 4. Dinner
  4. 5. Wrapping it up together …


Distance: 13,6 km
Ascent: 100  m
Descent: 100 m
Minimum Height: 809 m
Maximum Height: 930 m



Thursday, November 02, 2023

Pico Grande
  1. 1. 6:30 Morning activities
  2. 3. Nature Experience (Pico Grande)
  3. 5. Dinner
  4. 6. Wrapping it up together …


Distance 10 km
Ascent: 696  m
Descent: 707 m
Minimum Height: 1230 m
Maximum Height: 1656 m



Friday, November 03, 2023

Ponta do Sol – Funchal
  1. 1. 7:30: Morning activities
  2. 2. Punta do Sol (nomad village)
  3. 3. Anjos waterfall
  4. 4.Cabo Girão Skywalk
  5. 5. Christo Rei
  6. 6. Funchal
  7. 4. Dinner
  8. 5. Wrapping it up together …


We will visit different sights by car so we won’t walk so much to recover from the day before.

Saturday, November 04, 2023

Ponta de São Lourenço
  1. 1. 7:00 Morning activities
  2. 2. Ponta de São Lourenço
  3. 3. Valley of the nuns / Eira do Serrado viewpoint
  4. 4. Dinner
  5. 5. Evening activity
  6. 6. Summing it up together …


Distance: 8 km
Ascent: 300  m
Descent: 300 m
Minimum Height: 20 m
Maximum Height: 90 m



Sunday, November 05, 2023

Back to the airport


What to bring

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Madeira 2023
Available Tickets: 16

Please state if you prefer to stay on a camping site in the middle of nature at an altitude of 1300 m with showers but no hot water for 389 euros or at a hostel in the outskirts of Funchal for 560 euros.

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